About me.....

I have over 10 years animation experience starting on the Oscar nominated animated feature 'The Illusionist' at Ink Digital as the Co-2D Supervisor where I was responsible for training and supervising the Clean-Up/Assisting team at Ink Digital. I also worked on the animated feature 'Titeuf-le-Film' produced by Neomis Animation in Paris, where my role as Supervising Animator was a challenging, but very rewarding experience.

In addition to working on feature animation work, I have also worked on commercial projects for clients such as Irn Bru, Lego, Turner Broadcasting, The Leith Agency, The Scottish Government and STV to name a few.  More recently I have worked on Bafta nominated series 'Bing' as a Senior Story Artist, and as storyboarder on the children's series 'Kiva can Do'. I also worked on the animated features 'Ethel & Ernest' and 'The Breadwinner' as a Senior Assistant Animator.

I was the Assistant Director on the Bafta winning series 'OOglies, and more recently I was the UK Animation Director on the 2D hand-drawn feature 'Vitello' based on the popular Danish children's books (written by Kim Fupz Aakeson and illustrated by Niels Bo Bojesen).

Feel free to get in touch if you see anything here you like, or if you're thinking of producing some animation! Please have a look at my CV (the wee green guy).